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Getting started

This is a little tutorial to learn wlt.

  1. Create a directory to contains your blog sources, in our case my_new_blog

    mkdir my_new_blog
    cd my_new_blog
  2. We scaffold with the basic version

    Careful, wlt scaffold needs an empty directory

    wlt scaffold basic

    You now have all needed to start.

  3. You can see your blog in action now:

    wlt serve

    Then browse http://localhost:4000

    And now, your blog is on its way!

  4. Create a git repository (needed by gollum)

    git init
    git add .
    git ci -m "Initial scaffold"
  5. Some configuration

    Edit the file config.yaml. Configuration is rather simple.

    Edit the file _pub/robots.txt to change the url of the sitemap file.

    If you want to deploy with rake, add a key deploy_to. You can see the usage in Rakefile.

  6. Edit le content, add post, etc.

    If you want to edit an existing content, the easier way is to launch gollum:

    wlt gollum

    And browse http://localhost:4567/pages

    You can edit the markdown file by hand if you want.

    To create a new post:

    touch _posts/2013-01-29-web-log-today-is-so-nice.md
    git add _posts/2013-01-29-web-log-today-is-so-nice.md
    git ci -m "Add new post"
    wlt gollum

    Careful, gollum create git commits!

  7. Go further?

    wlt serve &

    With this, you can edit your files and see the generated version without building by hand.

  8. Publication

    If you server supports rsync, just do:

    rake deploy

    That's all!

So easy, isn't it?